Creative Practitioner Brief: Monnow Primary school
The pupils and staff at Monnow Primary school are very excited about the next step of
their journey on the Lead Creative Schools scheme …… to find an amazing Creative
After much stimulating discussion, the teachers have decided to focus on a Key Stage
2 class of year 5/6 pupils, with an option of expanding skills further across the year
groups. The pupils are of a mixed ability with varying degrees of independent
It has been identified in the School Development Plan to help these pupils engage in a
project that will stimulate imagination and focus on developing collaboration and
discipline in particular but also perseverance and thinking outside the box to
overcome problems. This project will stimulate and further develop independent
learning. The curriculum focus is to raise their attainment levels in science, technology,
engineering and maths [STEM], and in particular to develop scientific enquiry and
mathematical reasoning.
This is a very exciting and timely project as schools in Wales explore the Digital
Competence Framework. Schools are being encouraged to make full use of
technology and practice new pedagogic techniques that reflect the world of work. We
hope to see the children develop the following creative habits of mind which will help
them in their futures.
• Collaboration
Sharing the “product”
Giving and receiving feedback
Co-operating appropriately
• Disciplined
Developing techniques
Reflecting critically
Crafting and improving (or testing, debugging and fixing)

We would like a practitioner who could help us with some form of programming,
mechanical engineering or robot making project. We definitely want to work outside our comfort zones so the children and teachers have to work together as a team to solve any issues that may arise. We want to encourage the children to stick with
difficulty and test, debug and fix issues that arise and importantly communicate
effectively with both giving and receiving feedback.

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We realise that this type of project may not engage all pupils enthusiasm fully so would
like another practitioner to work with us to design, create and build a wooden outdoor structure in our forest school that we can use to test our mechanical products.
We do not want to be too prescriptive about the project ideas at this stage and we
would love to hear from a range of practitioners that feel they could help us bring this
dream to reality.
The total budget for this project is £5000.00. The Creative Practitioner’s daily fee is
£250.00 plus reasonable travel expenses. We anticipate that the Creative Practitioners
will work around 16 days between them on planning, delivery and reflection/
evaluation. All reasonable costs for art materials and other equipment will be covered
in the project budget.
As part of the appointment process, creative practitioners must attend (or have
previously undertaken) a two day LCS training session provided by Arts Council Wales prior to project commencement.
The training sessions are on 14th and 15th November or 16th & 17th November
and so please pencil these dates in your diary. Practitioners who have undergone
Creative Agent Training need only attend 1 day on 18th November.
To apply, please email
12th October 2016
• A current CV
An expression of interest which highlights your experience, skills, and outline ideas
you may have in approaching this project in a 1-2 pager.
• Details of a referee
to Ruth Sarin, Lead Creative School co-ordinator at monnow.primary@newport.gov.uk
and Kath Morton-Smith, Creative Agent at kathmorton70@yahoo.co.uk
Closing date for applications: Friday 28th October
Applicants will be shortlisted by Monday 31st October
Interviews will be held at the school on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th November.
Please send any queries or questions to kathmorton70@yahoo.co.uk who will
endeavour to answer them soon as possible. We look forward to receiving your
The successful practitioner will be involved in the project planning in late November/
early December. The project will take place between January – March 2016 with
reflection and evaluation taking place early in the summer term (April and May).
The successful candidate/s will be required to undergo a DBS check for working with
children and vulnerable adults.
For those of you who are not familiar here’s a link to the Lead Creative School Scheme
and lot’s of information can be found in the handbook pdf on the right of the webpage
but for now, here’s a little back ground information:
The Lead Creative Schools Scheme is one of the key building blocks of Creative
Learning through the Arts – an action plan for Wales, jointly funded by the Arts Council
of Wales and Welsh Government. The Lead Creative Schools Scheme aims to promote
new ways of working in schools through developing an innovative and bespoke
programme of learning, in collaboration with Creative Practitioners, that is designed to
improve the quality of teaching and learning and to embed this practice within
schools. It is based on the belief that creativity is not a skill bound within the arts, but a
wider ability to question, make connections and take an innovative and imaginative
approach to problem solving.


12th October 2016

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