What can our coding clubs offer you?

The Offer

We run weekly digital clubs lasting between 60 – 75 minutes for 10 weeks for £500. Each club can accommodate up to 12 individuals and a tutor leads the club with volunteers helping – this offers a great learner:teacher ratio.

What we teach

We run a number of  projects during the year using teaching resources supplied by Code Club UK, Google CS, MagPi online and BBC Learning, to name a few. These all relate to the real world and help provide a real understanding of the applicability of the technology.

Children learn how to use Scratch in primary school and progress onto a higher level. This will include Raspberry Pi’s and Micro:bits programming with Python, CSS, HTML and Javascript.

Sample projects include:

Introduction to the Raspberry Pi

Introduction to programming languages such as Scratch, HTML, CSS and Python

Programming robots with motors, sensors, gears, wheels, axles and other technical components

What equipment do you need to host a club?

As an introduction to coding, beginners learn to programme games and animation with an online platform called Scratch. Requirements are one laptop per learner linked to the internet.

The intermediate level requires hardware and software including Raspberry Pis and Micro:bits. The Digital Volunteers can provide the Raspberry Pi’s, Micro:bits and the peripherals. You will need to provide the club with a computer room equipped one monitor, keyboard and mouse per learner.

Who runs the clubs?

The Digital Volunteers provide an expert tutor to coordinate the club and each club typically has one or two digital volunteers helping – the volunteers could be from industry, young volunteer aged 14–23, or parents who are interested in their children learning computational thinking skills. A link teacher within the school is required to act as the contact point between the school and the tutor and is expected to be available during the club session to ensure good discipline is maintained.

How much do the clubs cost?

The Digital Volunteers believes that all pupils with the interest and enthusiasm to take part should have equal access to digital coding clubs. As a result, The Digital Volunteers will not charge the pupils for attending the clubs. All costs associated with running the clubs will be charged to the host organisation at £500 for 10 sessions.

Coding clubs are a great opportunity for undergraduates on computer science courses or young people on apprenticeships, and experienced professionals to volunteer and share their programming skills with Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils (9 – 14 year olds).

We are keen to assign 2 volunteers to each club, the idea being that we have a pool of volunteers so that if anyone can’t make a session then we have other volunteers who can pitch in.
We can meet up with potential volunteers and give a talk into the benefits of volunteering for The Digital Volunteers, offer a taster session, quickly followed by a volunteer induction that includes DBS processing.  We take child safeguarding very seriously and have a volunteer framework that we follow.
Any support you could give to this community initiative would be fantastic, so please share this information amongst your colleagues, and students, or indeed forward it on to any organisation that might have people who are interested in volunteering.
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