The Digital Volunteers is a specialist volunteering organisation offering 14-25 year olds the opportunity to volunteer their digital skills in schools, clubs and events. The aim is align them to teachers and pupils to share and progress digital skills. We believe everyone can benefit – teachers get informal training, pupils increase their digital competence and the volunteers develop their soft skills and increase their career prospects.

Our first year was spent building partnerships with key organisations such as Code Club, STEMNET (in relation to their STEM Ambassadors programme) Communities First and schools.

partner-logos-for-websiteWe believe offering our volunteers training is key to the volunteering experience, something a committed volunteer can expect in return for their precious time.

We have recruited and trained our first cohort of digital volunteers to deliver after-school coding clubs in 2015-6.

The Digital Volunteers is already allowing children to get creative with technology like Raspberry Pi2 and Lego WeDo2, and we’re excited about the possibilities offered by the BBC micro:bit.

If you want your pupils to have fun in a coding club and gain new IT skills in an informal learning environment, click here for more info, and watch the video below showing a coding club, and digital volunteers in action.

To find out more about our founders, mission and beneficiaries read here.

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