The Digital Volunteers is a specialist volunteering organisation run by 3 working mums, and founded by Kay Celtel and Kath Morton-Smith in 2014.

It goes without saying that most mums want to support and guide their children’s development so that their chances of employment in the future are maximised. We are keen to give our own children, and other children opportunities early in life to use and progress their digital skills.

We want to help young people between 14 and 25 volunteer their digital skills meeting the needs of both parent and young person to do something proactive with their skills.

By volunteering in schools, clubs and events for example, young people develop their digital skills and employability, hopefully leading to a bright future.

Oliver, a 16 year old, has volunteered in a local after school coding club during the Summer and Autumn school terms – completing 32 hours of volunteering! 

In his own words :

I have learnt a lot from the sessions, like how a classroom environment is created, there was always a positive attitude as the children enjoyed the sessions. I was surprised by how popular the clubs were, the children were always determined to learn, which made the whole experience better. It’s interesting that the children know a lot about computers, it must be because of the age they are growing up in.

I might study to become a teacher in the future because the experience has been amazing and something I will never forget.

National campaigns championing volunteering like BBC Radio 1’s #1MillionHours, prove how volunteering is seen as a legitimate way of increasing a young persons employability. Ben Cooper, Controller of BBC Radio 1 says:

Volunteering on a CV shows me you have passion and energy outside of your education or work – it gives you a competitive edge.

Nesta is an independent charity that works to increase the innovation capacity of the UK. Nesta recognises that citizens helping out alongside workers can drive innovation in service delivery. After holding a series of round table events earlier this year, Nesta announced in an article, Tech volunteering –  a win-win for young people and industry, that exciting opportunities exist for greater volunteering involving digital skills.

So we are incredibly excited about what digital volunteering opportunities will present themselves to young people over the coming years.


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